Planning & New Business Development

“Information is Power”

We focus on those companies that wish to cover the areas of planning & development of new businesses to detect, diversify and increase their portfolio of strategic partners in their business management structure.

Identify trends and develop ideas for new business opportunities that create competitive advantage.
Design processes, data collection, and analytical tools to help identify key business drivers and inter-relationships among them.
Establish work processes and controls for economic analysis, prioritization of efforts, managing data studies, market analysis and allocation of capital.
Formulate, design, and develop aligned strategies for specific client requirements.
Plan and coordinate the relationship with different institutions and businesses of interest to the client.
Facilitate a comprehensive International network.

Strategic Consulting

“It’s not avoiding risk, it’s managing it”

GRD offers corporate support for Houston-based companies with worldwide presence through business analysis, policy & regulation evaluation, scenario planning, business models and country risk assessment.

Analyze strategic business requirements and needs to identify key risks and distinguish business drivers and enablers.
Evaluate the development and implementation of short, medium- and long-term strategy and business plans.
Provide support to executive staff and business units.
Provide diplomacy-based experience and marketing-based negotiation techniques for difficult or sensitive situations to influence in large and diverse groups.
Prepare scenario planning and business models to simulate the impact of decisions by applying various market-driven and geopolitical assumptions to evaluate alternative courses of actions, in a rapidly changing business environment.
Evaluate business strategic alternatives to determine course of action.


“Building capabilities for business performance”

GRD has a private consulting training program for individuals and groups. We provide custom tailored seminars and conferences for the development of talent of the next generation of expert negotiators. GRD has designed a program based on knowledge, experience, expertise and tools to transmit and share the concepts of strategic planning, partnership building, and project financing.